The Xmas Series – Out Loud Theater


Out in Los Angeles there is a woman called America who hosted an evening of one-act plays in her giant loft of a studio. She also had the plays published in a lovely compendium. Designed and layed out by Nicholas Monsour.

It was my first time writing a play since college. Exciting to work with John Ennis (of Mr. Show), Jaime Puckett (of my chicago theater days), Ebe Sievwright (of Great Britain and the BBC), the lovely Nancy Morgan (of countless TV shows (Love Boat!)), and two of my best friends Michael Gilio (Kwikstop, Big Hole), and Amy Sloan (who has been in a million things (HBO’s Call Me Fitz, The Aviator, Gilmour Girls, but I always want to see the one where she gets chased by a Terradactyl).

Pictures will not do the magical event justice

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